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What is Stretch Your Horse Coach?

All horses, regardless of discipline, must have their muscles stretched to be comfortable, perform well and avoid injury.

Your horse is d​epending on you to do this! Stretch Your Horse Coach will teach you how!

Stretch Your Horse Coach consists of 25 individual horse stretching video tutorials. There are videos for the head and neck, front end and ribs, core/back, hind end, and the girth/cinch area.

Watch the videos from your computer and/or download them to your mobile device so you can learn right at your horse's side. No cell service or wifi needed!

We're so confident all riders can learn to safely and effectively stretch their horse regardless of riding ability in just 5 minutes per day, we offer a 60 day, 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. Free email support included too!

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Top Lameness Vet Recommends Stretching!

Learn why a top lameness vet and trainers agree.... Stretching is critical to prevent injury and get great results from your horse! Watch now!

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Owyn's Story: How He Lengthened His stride by 4 Inches!

Owyn's stride length increased dramatically in just 2 weeks by doing hind leg stretches!

Stretching also improved his comfort, gait transitions and circle work!

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Free Video Tutorial Sample

Learn how to do the Inner Bent Front Leg and Armpit (pectoral) Stretch for your horse's pectoral muscles in the armpit area and front of the chest as well as the muscles on the inside and front of the legs.

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You Own Your Horse’s Healthcare.... Agree?

Just like humans, your horse's muscles need attention to remain healthy.
Only you can stretch your horse's muscles.
Your horse is depending on you to do this!

Stretch Your Horse Coach teaches you how to safely and effectively perform stretches to prevent muscoloskeletal aging, improve performance and prevent injury.

Improve flexibility and range of motion to enhance performance

Strengthen supportive tissue ​and prevent injury

Reduce muscle soreness, stiffness, and fatigue

Relax your horse and improve ​disposition

Get early warning signs of a potential ​injury

Deepen the bond with your horse

Are You Choosing the Right Stretches For Your Horse and Doing Them Correctly?

Every horse has areas of muscle tightness needing attention.
Each video in the Stretch Your Horse Coach 25 video tutorial collection contains detailed step by step instructions and tips so anyone can learn the stretches regardless of riding ability.

​There are stretching video tutorials for the:
*Front End and Ribs
*Core/Back*Head and Neck​
*Hind End
*Girth/Cinch Area

You will also have FREE access to color-coded anatomy pictures!

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