Ilene Nessenson, J.D., CEBW (certified equine body worker), received her initial equine massage therapy, bodywork and saddle fitting training and certification from the world renowned Equinology School. Ilene was very fortunate to receive her saddle fitting training at Equinology from Dr. Kerry Ridgway, DVM, an internationally known and highly respected equine integrative medicine veterinarian and saddle fitting expert.  She received her saddle reflocking and tack repair training from the Owner/Master Saddler at the Cumbria School of Saddlery in England.  After receiving her training at Cumbria School of Saddlery, Ilene also mentored with Hans Biglajzer, a world-class master saddler located in Bend, Oregon. 

In addition to doing vet ride-alongs, attending numerous continuing eduction webinars and seminars, and constantly reading horse related studies and journals, and Ilene has also attended the following training classes:
  • Equine exercise physiology from Dr. David Marlin, a globally recognized expert in equine exercise and cardiovascular physiology and chemistry;
  • Equine Massage certification from Eqinology
  • Equine anatomy and dissection from Dr. Deb Bennett;
  • Equi-Tape equine athletic and therapeutic kinesiology taping from Dr. Beverly Gordon and Dr. Kara Spillman;
  • Thermal Imaging from Lisa Baker, Certified Thermal Imaging Technician III;
  • Chinese Medicine and acupressure from Tallgrass Institute
  • Cumbria Saddlery Reflocking and Tack Repair
  • Mentored with Hans Biglajer for saddle reflocking
  • Myofascial Release, John Barnes method
  • Craniosacral, Upledger method

Since childhood, Ilene has had a love and passion for animals, especially dogs and horses. While her initial career path led her into the successful practice of law and then the multi-national corporate world, Ilene’s heart was still with animals.

Ilene works on privately owned horses of all breeds and disciplines. Her clients range from competitive show horses in multiple disciplines to individuals who simply enjoy a pleasurable trail ride or ride in the ring, as well as those who are caring for their geriatric equine companion.  She also works with equine rescue organizations.

Ilene was the equine bodyworker and saddle fitter/reflocker for the Portland Mounted Patrol until the unit closed due to budget cuts

Ilene provides a unique, integrated healing experience for the horse and rider via a combination of various equine bodywork modalities, saddle fitting, saddle reflocking, elastic kinesiolosogy taping, thermal imaging and yoga for the horse and rider.  To maximize the treatment benefits, Ilene teaches the rider various equine stretches and basic massage moves they can do on their own. Ilene also builds a partnership with each horse and rider as well as other professionals providing care to the horse.  For an overview of all the services Holistic Horse Bodyworks offers, click here.

Ilene owns a thoroughbred named Rex and rides hunter/jumper, trails, obstacles, Western pleasure and has even taken Rex cow sorting! Rex and Ilene also do liberty work and long lining. Ilene also incorporates some basic dressage into her riding routine.  Rex loves the variety, and it also helps to occupy his very smart and busy brain and keep his body flexible and strong.